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Danfoss SMC Solenoid Valve
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Specification of Danfoss SMC Solenoid Valve

Danfoss SMC Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve smc voltage dc 24 volt 5/2 japan products.
Solenoid valve is a valve that is controlled by electric current both AC and DC through coil / selenoida. This solenoid valve is the most commonly used control element in the fluid system. As in pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems or on machine control systems that require automatic control elements. For example, in a pneumatic system, solenoid valve is responsible for controlling the pressurized air duct to the pneumatic actuator (cylinder). Or at a water reservoir that requires a solenoid valve as a water filling controller, so that the tank is not empty. And various other examples that I can not explain one by one here.

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