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Toko Duta Hydraulic Pneumatic

Piston Pump

Piston pumps are often used in hydraulic systems with the latest technology, which is used for high speed and high pressure. However, piston pump construction is more complicated and relatively more expensive than other hydraulic pumps. Piston pumps can be made fixed or variable displacement. The piston pump is divided into two, namely the axial piston pump and the radial piston pump, namely:

Axial Piston Pump

At the axial piston pump, the piston is mounted in a parallel line (in line parallel) with the pump shaft (pump's axis). Axial piston pump is divided into two, namely in line axial piston pump and axial axis piston pump.

Radial Piston Pump

This type of pump can be planned for high pressure, large volume, high speed and variable displacement. The radial piston pump is divided into two, namely the radial piston rotating pump cam and the radial piston pump rotating piston.

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